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How to Fly to Kastellorizo, the Aegean Pearl, with FSDG and Aerosoft

How to Fly to Kastellorizo, the Aegean Pearl, with FSDG and Aerosoft

If you are looking for a challenging and scenic destination for your next flight simulation adventure, you might want to consider Kastellorizo, a small Greek island near the Turkish coast. Kastellorizo is also known as the Aegean Pearl, because of its natural beauty and historical charm. It has a tiny airport with a single runway, which requires a careful approach and landing. But once you touch down, you will be rewarded with stunning views of the island and its surroundings.

To experience Kastellorizo in all its glory, you will need a high-quality scenery addon that covers the whole island and its airport. Fortunately, FSDG and Aerosoft have teamed up to create such an addon, which is compatible with FSX, FSX:SE, P3D V4, and P3D V5. The addon features:

[FSX P3D] Aerosoft - FSDG - Kastellorizo V2.0 Crack

  • High resolution custom-made terrain mesh covering the whole island

  • Photo-real texture coverage of Kastellorizo and nearby islands

  • Fully accurate rendition of the airport and surrounding features

  • High resolution textures for airport ground and 3D buildings

  • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and ground

  • Detailed representation of Kastellorizo town and its famous landmarks

  • Realistic night lighting environment

  • Numerous sound effects (clock tower, church bells, animal sounds and more)

  • AI ship traffic with realistic ferry models and schedules

  • Performance optimised

  • Compatible with all known add-ons (UTX, GEX, FSGLobal,...)

  • Manual included

You can purchase the addon from Aerosoft Shop for â14.40 or $14.99, depending on your region. You can also watch a video preview of the addon on YouTube.

Kastellorizo is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean Sea that deserves to be explored by flight simmers. With FSDG and Aerosoft's addon, you can enjoy a realistic and immersive flight simulation experience that will make you feel like you are really there. Don't miss this opportunity to visit the Aegean Pearl with your favorite aircraft!

One of the main attractions of Kastellorizo is the Blue Cave, also known as the Parasta Cave. This natural wonder is located on the southeast coast of the island, and can only be accessed by boat. The cave is famous for its stunning blue color, which is created by the reflection of the sunlight on the water. The cave is also home to stalactites and stalagmites that create a magical atmosphere. You can join a boat tour from the main harbour to visit the cave and admire its beauty.

Another thing to do in Kastellorizo is to explore its rich history and culture. The island has been inhabited since ancient times, and has witnessed many civilizations and influences. You can visit the Archaeological Museum, which displays artifacts from various periods, such as pottery, coins, statues, and inscriptions. You can also see the remains of the ancient acropolis, which dates back to the 4th century BC. The acropolis was built on a hill above the town, and offers panoramic views of the island and the sea.

If you are looking for some adventure, you can try some cliff diving in Kastellorizo. The island has some amazing spots for diving, such as Mandraki Bay, where you can jump from a height of 10 meters into the crystal clear water. You can also dive from the rocks near the Castello Rosso, a medieval fortress that dominates the landscape. Cliff diving is a thrilling and fun activity that will make your heart race and your adrenaline pump. 0efd9a6b88


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